How to Develop a Strategic Plan for Your Business

Business development entails the practice pf identifying, attracting, and acquiring new business to further a towing service revenue and growth goals. The way you achieve these goals is by defining and coming up with a business development strategy. It is not unusual to mistake business development with sales. However, there is an important distinction between the two. Business development refers to many activities and functions inside and outside traditional sales team structure. In some businesses, business development is part of the larger sales operations team.

If looking forward to develop a business, here are some of the most notable and applicable strategies you can use.

Understand your competitive landscape

Before you can develop a strategic plan to drive business growth, you must have a solid understanding of the competitive landscape in your industry. When you have a good idea of who your ideal customers are, and the problems you are looking forward to solve with your products and services, you can then research on who is providing the most viable solutions in your industry. You can identify other companies operating in your space and try to emulate what they do. You need to get crystal clear on what the competition is offering so you know how to differentiate your products to your customers.


Choose effective KPIs

You need to evaluate if your business development efforts are successful. Ensure you can measure your goals to ensure they are relevant, and this is done by coming up with meaningful KPIs that reflect the health of your business. The results of these metrics should give you a strong indication of how effective your business development efforts are. You also need to develop a long-term relationship with your customers. Develop a plan to keep your buyers engaged. Building long lasting relationships with your customers will pay off in the long run. Repeat customers are easier to sell to, and they also provide a lot of useful feedback and insights to help your business grow.


Implement customer feedback

If you and your customers are willing to provide feedback on your sales process and offerings, ensure you hear them out and implement the same. Your customers will always offer you a unique, valuable perspective because they have chosen your products over those of competitors.  You need to keep your website content as well as user interface to be very fresh. Ensure all the links are working and that your site is easy to navigate. It should also be laid out intuitively for those who want to buy from you.

Speed up Response Time

You need to investigate how fast your sales team respond to your leads, as the time it takes can make or break a business. If you notice your sales process has some lag time that prevents you from responding to prospects as soon as possible, these could all be grey areas that need you to improve on. You need to leverage a sales plan to identify areas of growth. While a sales plan primarily affects your sales team, it can as well inform the activities of your business develop efforts.


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