Best Practices for Internal Customer Service

It is the duty and responsibility of your customer service team to delight your customers and keep them satisfied. Employee satisfaction is equally as important as customer satisfaction. When your employees are happy, they surely provide better services to your customers. In situations they are upset and not motivated, their performance suffers as well. It is very important to keep your team fueled and ready to offer customers the best experience. While service and support reps provide customers with external customer service, internal customer service refers to the experience employees have when interacting with your business.

Internal Customer Service

When employees have a problem that is hindering their work, they reach out to internal customer service for help. Internal customer service refers to the services your business provides to its employees. These interactions are not customer facing and involve two or more team members. One of the most notable example of internal customer service is IT help desk. If an employee has an technical problem, they can reach out to IT team for support. The IT team works to analyze the issue and come up with an appropriate solution that fits employees short and long term needs. It is a type of immediate response that ensures problems are resolved and employees can get back to work within the shortest time possible.

Here are some best practices to ensure good internal customer service.

Consider the purpose of the team

Whether it’s an IT desk, human resource department or any other form of internal customer service, these teams need to understand their roles in an organization. Their job is to maintain the backend of the business so that other departments including marketing, sales and customer service as well as product management teams can achieve their goals. There will  be a handful of these employees at your company, but they will be very crucial for the success of that organization.

Publish a daily schedule for your service desk

A daily schedule will let your employees know when they can access your service desk. Doing so is very important because it prevents stressful interactions with your internal teams. If your support rep is working and suddenly their computer crashes, they need to set expectations for the customer. If your internal knowledge base doesn’t contain a schedule for your service desk, the reps will not be able to provide the customer with an accurate timeline. That could easily result in poor customer review and churn.

Set clear expectations

Just like how support reops set clear expectations for customers, internal teams should do the same for their employees. When an employee has a problem, they should be given specific timelines for when it will be resolved. Even at situations the answer is not the most ideal, it is important to be transparent so that employees can plan the workflow accordingly. You also need to adopt to customer service tools. These tools can assist both internal and external teams to get organized in the best way.

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